Paro Procurement Group

Paro Procurement Group begin its initial operations providing traditional FF&E and OS&E procurement consultancy services under the Global Procurement Management (GPM) banner back in 2013.

In 2022, after working through some of the most challenging circumstances the  industry has experienced, the procurement of FF&E and OS&E for new and existing hotels have become extremely diverse. Paro Procurement Group (PPG) was formed to be able to provide owners and operators a platform where the specific needs of each the project can be identified, a lateral, dynamic approached to developing a detailed and specific plan of action and can be implemented to ultimately identify and execute a unique solution deliver the most effective outcomes for all stakeholders.

Who we are

A little about Paro

“The term Paro itself derives from the Latin term for :
- To buy
- To furnish/supply/provide
- To obtain/get
- To Plan
- To produce
- To put up
- To raise

We look to provide a service that delivers all of the above and more.”

Project Procurement

Our team brings together a wide array of skills and experiences from all over the globe...

Outsourced Procurement Services

Paro can provide an overall Procurement management plan for operators and...

Brand Product Development

With over 30 years of Hotel Operating Experience held within the team...

Pre Opening Budgeting and Planning

Paro can provide advisory services for pre-project feasibility plans...

Turnkey FF&E and OS&E

GPM is able to provide full turnkey services for the delivery of both FF&E and OS&E for your project...

3PL Logistics Solutions

PPG work with some of the leading 3PL providers to provide the most effective end to end Logistics solution for either specific projects or ongoing 3PL services to optimise the efficiencies of your logistics requirements.

How Effective Is What
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Working Days of Our Company

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Our Story

PPG is a Procurement Solutions Company established in 2021 with the vision to provide a diverse and flexible approach to Procurement management within the Hospitality industry. With a global presence spanning 4 continents and a supply chain network Paro has the expertise and experience to offer tailored solutions specific to each client's individual requirements.

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A true partnership is a two-way street — ideas and information flow openly and regularly

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The best and most productive relationships are synergistic and goal-oriented


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